Masturbation Techniques for Women

Who Needs A Man Anyway – 10 Masturbation Techniques For Women

Sometimes, we women just want to have a good time by ourselves “sans a man“.  No complications, discussions, or worrying about pleasing him.  This is the ultimate “self time!”  Having and doing our way, and on our time!


One of the convenient times to masturbate is before going to sleep. Sweet dreams!

Whether it’s a quick feel-good session, or a long evening of self-love making, here are some great masturbation techniques for women which can be used to enjoy and rediscover personal sexually. These masturbation techniques are divided into three key groups: Skin on Skin, Water Works, and Adult Toys.

These aren’t rules, but guidelines for your enjoyment.  Regardless of your personality and preference, they will give you a beautiful masturbation experience – chilling and shivers from head to toe.  Experiment with each one and keep variety your spice of life.


Skin on Skin


To very the “skin-on-skin” approach, try using a condom over your finger.


1. The Pattie Cake

Using your pointer and middle fingers, pat your clitoris varying pressure and speed until your little boat is standing in attention. If you do this to perfection, your inner labia and clitoris will feel both sticky sweet and warm. The insides of your vagina will be covered with your love fluid. Just before you come, push these fingers into your sticky sweet heaven, rub your love fluids onto your clitoris and continue rubbing hard till you climax.

2. The Sandwich Cookie

This technique is analogous of the hard cookies which sandwich a cream filling, but your first two fingers are the hard cookies in this instance. With your clitoris gripped between your first two fingers, stroke the clitoris using your other hand while varying the pressure and speed till you come.

3. The Open-Faced Sandwich

Involves gently patting and pushing down using the palm of your outstretched hand. You then continue with this rhythm until you begin to feel a hot sensation. When you’re just about to come, push and let go rhythmically while never letting go of the hand and skin contact.

4. The Pulsing Pelvis

This is one of the best techniques and which you’re bent to like.With your fingers, touch yourself just how you like it best. While still on this, begin to softly but seductively contract your leg muscles such that your pelvis gently pulses in a rhythm similar to when making love with a partner. You can then rock up and down repeatedly till you come.


Water Works


There are more reasons for taking a bath everyday than staying clean…

5. In the Pool

Rated highly among the masturbation techniques for women, open your legs as wide as possible while positioning yourself in front of one of the many jets available in your hot tub or pool. With your legs spread, stand far away such that the jet is not uncomfortable for you at all. Begin moving closer and closer towards the jet till the stimulation is enough to jet you into organism. You will definitely love this if you have never tried it before.

6. With Your Shower Head

A common masturbation technique for women, but do you do it properly to get that mind-blowing organism that you want? To use your handheld shower head to please yourself, take it off the hook and press it on your clitoris, rub softly then firmly. You can alternate between the two extremes or just find a middle ground which offers you the right sensation. You can synchronize your rubbing motions to match your masturbation experience. All in all, you are bound to have an incredible experience.

7. In the bathtub

With your bathtub dry, sit directly underneath the faucet and ensure that it’s aimed directly at your clitoris. Turn the water on warm and let its flow hit your clitoris. You can use your elbows to support the body with your hands beneath your butt. Just before you come, switch the water temperature to comfortable hot and let yourself come.


Adult Toys


The selection of sex toys is almost endless, however you can also use house hold items as well.

8. Dig the Shovel

Here, you can use any object that turns you on ranging from a vibrator to anything you like. While mimicking a digging motion, gently use the clitoris to play with your clitoris. You can slide your favorite toy down, across or upwards your clitoris while periodically removing the object entirely from your vagina and getting it back in till you hit organism.

9. Electric

Use your electric toothbrush just like you’d use a vibrator to stimulate your clitoris. Start by touching softly as you start and escalate the rhythm pressure to hard, soft or medium as you get excited.

10. A Play Station

Using the metal gear Solid CD found on your Playstation, use the vibrating controller just like you would use a vibrator or an electric toothbrush.

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