Write for PrettyLadySmiles.com

Thank you for your interest in writing for PrettyLadySmiles.com!write-for-pretty-lady-smiles

For your work to be accepted by PrettyLadySmiles.com, it must maintain these minimum standards:

Writing Mechanics

  1. Proper English grammar and spelling
  2. No run on sentences, i.e. a three to four line paragraph that is one sentence is most likely a run-on sentence.
  3. The proper use of conjunctions (and not over use), i.e. “and” “but”  “or”
  4. Articles should be structured and divided into logical paragraphs.  Hint: Most paragraphs are more than one sentence long.
  5. Paragraphs should begin with a topic sentence and the thought should flow thru the paragraph.
  6. No word stuffing.  The article should flow smoothly with efficient word usage.
  7. Follow the writing style as provided in the request, and/or a compatible style for similar articles appearing on PrettyLadySmiles.com

Content Guidelines

  1. Please keep in mind you are writing for 18-28 year old open minded females who are looking for ways to enjoy and better their lives.
  2. Stay on point (subject)
  3. Our audience is generally familiar with young women issues, therefore, avoid simplistic explanations of what would be commonly known to this type of audience.
  4. Use creative insight where your input is required.
  5. Use known facts such as events, places, people, things, etc.

These have been prepared for you so that before you accept or submit an article to PrettyLadySmiles.com, you will have an awareness of our requirements.

write-for-pretty-lady-smiles-thumbsWe strive to assist writers and develop a working relationship with all qualified writers, however, we cannot train you how to write.  Therefore: Please do not accept or submit an article, if you do not feel confident in meeting these requirements.

Our general policy is to provide writers feedback, at least once, on articles that do not quite meet these requirements.  However, if an article does not generally meet the majority of these requirements, then it is typically rejected.





Completed articles may be submitted here:
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Please submit any questions here.