10 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You

Deciphering what guys want doesn’t really require a degree in rocket science- in fact, most of the time it will be obvious and straightforward. Does he like me, or does he not? Quit turning over your bed for the umpteenth time and read on 10 ways on how to tell if a guy likes you:

How-to-Tell-if-a-Guy-Likes-You10. He Starts The Conversation. There you were, minding your own business when he suddenly scoots up to you and initiates a little talk. He goes in a little closer or maybe takes a seat, trying to catch your attention. If that particular friend or colleague does this all the time, then chances are the guy likes you.

9. He Does Some Gentle Teasing. This point is better if he does this only to you, and not to all of his lady friends. It may be a bit juvenile, but what he’s doing is trying to elicit a response that will get the romantic ball rolling.

8. He Compliments You Regularly. This will not be true if he does that to all women (same as #9), but if he gives out sincere compliments such as saying you look pretty, cute, sexy, hot, etc, then it means he is thinking it. Remember that guys generally don’t beat around the bush; what they say is true for them.

7. He Acts A Little Different Around You. Is he normally very loud and outgoing with his friends, and suddenly goes all quiet and awkwardly shy when you’re around? Or maybe, he tries a bit harder when you’re in the vicinity and talks a bit louder, sticking out his “horns” to catch attention. If yes, then there’s a good chance he likes you.

6. He Listens To What You Say. He doesn’t look away like he wants to be somewhere else, and he even leans in to be able to hear better. He makes eye contact and is genuinely interested in hearing your opinions on anything under the sun.

5. He Added You On Facebook. Not only that, but the guy went as far as browsing your old albums for pictures and liked them as well. He puts in comments on every status update or picture you posted on your Facebook page. He also chats you up whenever you’re online.

4. He Protects You. A guy will protect you and make sure you are okay if he likes you. He’ll be in front, pushing through the crowd while holding your hand, or positions himself on the side as you cross the road.

3. He Proactively Helps You Out. He offers to carry that heavy package when he can. He carries your bag or tries to put in some assistance without you asking. He’s enthusiastic when going with you out on some small errands.

2. He Schedules Another Date. You know he’s interested if after a great first date, he texts or calls you to schedule the next one. He realizes that he mustn’t wait until the next opportunity presents itself, lest another guy takes you away.

1. He Touches You. He laughingly jokes around you and playfully punches your shoulder each time you meet. He gets a bit too close sometimes and unconsciously touches your arm, your hair or your knees while in conversation. He tries to get you to dance at a party, or finds some ways to tease you, then goes for physical contact.

Author: PrettyLady

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