Caring For Your Adult Toys

adult-toy-careIf you thought that your adult toys are just a use-and-put-away kind of thing, like a one night stand or a late night booty call, then you might want to reconsider. Sexy toys are as much an investment as getting a diamond ring or your dream house. In a way, keeping tabs on your adult toys are much, much easier than polishing that rock you wear on your finger.

So before you take them out for a delightful spin once you rip off the package the adult toy came with, here’s some basic reminders, and some very important DO’s and DONT’s:

DO: Always Buy Adult Toys New

Girls, believe us when we say that scrimping on an adult toy is something you should never, ever do. Buy your sex toy of choice brand-new, with the package sealed and with the price tag still attached. Who knows what kind of bacteria or living microorganism, what kind of people, or what the risks are involved when you click that “buy now” button at a used sex toy shop?

DON’T: Use Adult Toys Right Away

Before pushing them inside your femininity, take a careful inspection of your adult toy. Here’s some things that you need to check: Hold it in your hand and scrutinize for any physical defects to prevent injuries. Do a little shake and see if there are any loose parts- you certainly won’t want it accidentally running wild inside. Remember to put in fresh batteries if the adult toy requires it. Finally, practice some good sexual hygiene by giving your toy a wash with good old soap and warm water.

During and After Use

Read the labels for instructions of use, and as much as you’d love to deviate and find an adventurous alternative, go caring-with-adult-toyson the safer side and just enjoy yourself the right way. If it’s your first time to use the toy, have some lubrication handy so you won’t have to force it in, with the possibility of breaking.

Got everything down pat so far? Now it’s time to loosen your inhibitions and get right down and dirty!

Don’t just throw that adult toy after you’ve done the deed with it- that sex toy still needs some lovin’ from you. We understand that the glow and the feeling of exhilaration that comes after sex is the greatest feeling in the world, but your toy deserves more than that. Place it in a velvet bag, a personal chest, or the box that the toy came with (some of our toys do come in with its own special container).

Wipe the lube off, pat it down dry, and then keep it for the next erotic endeavor. If for some reason you won’t use it after a while, take off the batteries and store it in a dry place. This being said, your favorite sex toy will be ready and willing the next time you need it.

A Final Word

Basic adult toy maintenance can go a long, long way in protecting your pleasurable investment. And why not? This is one toy you’d love to keep around, like a personal best friend that truly understands your intimate needs. You can add more friends as you like instead of buying the same product when the old one breaks.

Author: PrettyLady

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