How to Have a Beautiful Vagina

how-to-have-a-pretty-vaginaThere are many reasons women want a beautiful vagina, and not all of them have to do with pleasing a partner.  While that is a big factor, some women simply feel more confident and healthy when they have a beautiful vagina.  Whether or not a vagina is beautiful is based on the woman’s opinion.  Here are a few techniques you can use to make your vagina more beautiful if you choose to do so.

The outside of the vagina
Many people refer to the entire female genitalia as the vagina, but this isn’t entirely accurate.  The outside of the vagina, meaning what we actually see (like the pubic mound and vaginal lips), is called the vulva.  Many of the methods to create a beautiful vagina involve enhancing the appearance of the vulva somehow.  The most popular method is shaving, waxing, or otherwise removing the pubic hair.  This technique is all about personal preference.  Some women like a full growth of hair, while others trim the hair slightly, and still others completely remove the hair.  No way is better than another; it’s about what you find beautiful.

The true vagina
When it comes to the actual vagina and vaginal opening, there are techniques to make these parts beautiful as well.  To have a beautiful vagina, the vaginal opening shouldn’t be too red, should emit a pleasant smell, and should have a normal amount of discharge.  An excessively red vagina usually indicates irritation or too much friction from sex.  To solve this problem, remove irritants like harsh soaps and detergents, and use proper lubrication during sex.  Another possible cause of a red vaginal opening, as well as unusual discharge and an unpleasant smell, is a vaginal infection.  Vaginal infections need to be treated as soon as possible to keep your vagina healthy and beautiful.  If you suspect your vagina is infected, see a doctor for medication, or try one of the many home remedies available.

Keep the vagina looking young
One of the most important factors in having a beautiful vagina is maintaining a youthful appearance.  This means having a fresh, tight vagina.  Many women experience a loosening of the vagina with age, or after childbirth.  Sometimes the vagina can loosen with frequent sex, but this shouldn’t be enough to cause problems.  No matter what the cause of your loose vagina, you can easily remedy the problem and improve your beautiful vagina by practicing Kegel exercises.  These are pelvic strengthening exercises that tighten the vaginal walls.  They’re easy to do and discreet enough to be done anywhere: simply squeeze the vaginal walls together as though you’re trying to hold in pee.  Another way to have a youthful vagina is to simply practice good hygiene.  Wash daily with a gentle, additive-free soap to keep your vagina looking and smelling fresh.

With these tips, it’s easy to have a vagina that looks amazing.  Just remember, a healthy vagina is a beautiful vagina!

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