How to Use Ben Wa Balls

CAT-Ben-Wa-Balls-2The Ben Wa Balls come in the mail, and you’re practically vibrating with anticipation of the pleasure to come. Maybe you’ve been on the fence for a while, seriously considering taking the plunge, but don’t want to look clueless when taking these sex toys out for a spin. Or, your partner shows up with these newfangled visitors and want you to try it on.

Whatever the situation, there’s one thing you need to do. You need to know how to use Ben Wa Balls, ASAP!

Here’s a complete, definitive breakdown of how to use this sex toy to maximum potential, in all situations as they present themselves.

Ben Wa Balls For Slow, Sensual Pleasure

Believe it or not, this is the primary function of Ben Wa Balls. All throughout history, women have been wearing using-ben-wa-ballsthem as they go about their daily chores, with the weighted balls slowly making them horny and sexually active. As intimidating as these sex toys are, they simply aren’t meant for quickies; slow and steady wins the race, as the balls inside your vagina stimulate you to lustful desires every now and then.

Insert them in and use some lubrication if it’s your first time. You won’t feel it as they aren’t really that intrusive- think tampons, and you’ll be fine. Now here’s where you can get creative. Go out for a walk or a jog ’round the neighborhood, feeling the balls moving inside you. You can also ride the bike, or for an extra special sensation, a motorcycle or a scooter. If you’d rather stay at home and avoid all those potential scenarios of those balls popping out and causing public humiliation, then that’s fine as well. Get a massage or a rocking chair and sit down on it for a moaning good time. You can come up with your personal variations as you get comfortable with it.

Ben Wa Balls In Sexual Intercourse

Girls will love it as they get a “fuller” penetration with the Ben Wa Balls going in deeper inside them. Guys will go wild with the extra sensation on their manhood when the balls are inside a girl’s vagina. Combine with other sex toys to experience an unforgettable orgasm which will remain on your “best sex ever” list for a long, long time.

Ben Wa Balls For Vaginal Health

This sex toy is more beneficial than you might think. How would you like to train your pelvic muscles, a.k.a your PC and Kegel muscles to become stronger? These types of exercises will provide complete control to how you hold and stop urine flow as you keep the Ben Wa Balls in your vagina. The balls themselves will naturally force your vaginal muscles to contract as you feel a slipping sensation the first time you use them. Over time, your muscles will grow stronger and you can switch over from small beginner balls to the heavier and bigger metal balls. In terms of sex, being able to squeeze your muscles together will result in more amazing sex for both you and your partner. You can rhythmically contract during intercourse and have your clitoris stand out more for that eye-popping, mind-blowing orgasm.

Try them out and see how immensely pleasurable they can be!

Author: PrettyLady

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