Masturbate: Have fun! Lose Weight!!!

lose-weight-masturbate-scalesDid you know that you can lose significant weight and have lots of fun doing it? Believe it or not, playing with your sensitive lady parts can help you dial down on fat-laden calories, and be physically healthier in the long run. Here are some tips, masturbation methods and of course, some of the best adult toys you can employ to spice up both your sex and fitness regimen:

How Does Female Masturbation Burn Calories?

Paddling the pink canoe is different for each woman. With this is mind, the amount of calories a lady can burn depends on how long you pleasure yourself, and how you do it. Like sex, the more vigorous and more muscle groups involved, the better.

Got that? Okay. So let’s say we have a young, adventurous gal who’s in her early 20’s, weighs about 120 and stands 5’6 tall. If that gal starts fantasizing about her coworker and masturbates for about 45 minutes, then the estimated calorie burn will be at around 250 calories. Not only does she lose unwanted calories, she also gets a vibrant glow, a significant improvement in her mood, gets a natural dose of painkillers, and most of all, is sexually satisfied.

Female Masturbation Methods, Tips and Adult Toys for Losing Weight

The important thing to know is that masturbation isn’t about losing weight as it is about enjoying your sexuality firstlose-weight-masturbate and foremost. You might get to like it and incorporate it in your daily life. Masturbation can replace exercise as an alternative that provides all-around benefits. Forward-thinking ladies can start off by watching or reading porn to get the imaginative juices flowing. Take your time- it’s not a race, but a trip down pleasure road (unless you’re just on a 15-minute break). If you’re accustomed to touching your happy place with just a finger or two, try out something new and use both hands; one will take care of business down there, while the other is caressing and grabbing all the other sensitive parts. Don’t force orgasm right away; if things start off slow and there seems to be not much progress, don’t sweat it. Just continue on and think hot, sweaty, sexual thoughts.

Adult toys are a great addition to any female masturbation. They can give your fingers a welcome rest and provide a hard, long alternative which works amazingly well. There’s a reason why ladies love sex toys so much- it can simulate real, mind-blowing sex to make you uncontrollably orgasm to high heaven!

Try them out the next time. Rabbit vibrators double down on your vagina and clitoris to give you an explosive finish. Nipple vibrators and G-spot massagers are excellent for on-the-go stimulation. Realistic vibrators are one of the best sex toys a girl can have- just remember that they aren’t portable and not the best home decor you can show visitors! Try them out on the bed, or get up off your feet and try them somewhere more adventurous; the tub, shower, backyard, anywhere! Role playing with costumes and outfits, and doing foreplay with cuffs and blindfolds also burn some calories while enhancing both you and your partner’s orgasmic climaxes.

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